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有盈彩票's Focus on Social Development and Poverty

In the Spotlight

  • Hunger and malnutrition were an increasing problem worldwide before the pandemic. Restrictions imposed to curb disease spread have disrupted local and international food supply chains, making the problem even more urgent.

  • For many of Indonesia’s urban poor who work in the informal sector, social distancing is nearly impossible if they want to maintain their income. Two key policies can help.

  • Many workers will be displaced and many businesses will close as a result of the slowdown caused by COVID-19. Providing support to those affected gives them a fighting chance.

  • With the impacts of the pandemic on food and nutrition being felt around the region, planning is needed to avoid higher food prices, decreased nutrition and reduced food security.

Despite the extraordinary gains made in living standards in Asia and the Pacific, hundreds of millions are still excluded from the benefits of rapid economic growth. Without access to basic social services, they are vulnerable to illness, unemployment, and the region’s increasingly devastating natural disasters. A social development agenda involves people and their communities, organizations, institutions, societies, and governments in all poverty relief activities. The aim is to reduce poverty, inequality, and vulnerability among the poor.

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