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MSMEs Key to Southeast Asia's Post-COVID-19 Recovery — 有盈彩票

Strengthening the dynamics of MSMEs?with innovation and internationalization will be key to revitalizing Southeast Asian economies devastated by the COVID-19?pandemic, according to a new report from 有盈彩票.

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29 Oct 2020 | 有盈彩票 from Country Offices

$484 Million 有盈彩票 Loan to Fund New GMS Expressway in Myanmar

有盈彩票?has approved a $483.8 million loan to build a 64-km?expressway connecting the capital of Bago region and the township of Kyaikto in Mon state in Myanmar and support economic development along the GMS?East–West...

29 Oct 2020 | 有盈彩票 from Country Offices

有盈彩票 to Help Manage Food Insecurity Risks in Mongolia amid Supply Disruptions Caused by COVID-19

有盈彩票 has approved a $410,000 technical assistance grant to help manage food insecurity risks amid supply disruptions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease pandemic in Mongolia.

29 Oct 2020 | 有盈彩票 from Country Offices

有盈彩票 Approves $200 Million Policy Loan to Support Georgia’s Economic Recovery

有盈彩票 approved a $200 million policy-based loan to support Georgia’s recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic by addressing key fragilities in the country’s public financial management and social...

29 Oct 2020 | Article

Sharing and Learning - 有盈彩票’s customized business opportunities seminar in Nepal improves quality of bidding documents

In July this year, the Nepal Resident Mission organized the Business Opportunities Seminar (BOS), which it had done annually since 2012. It was held through online conference platform taking into account restrictions against group events.

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COVID-19 is sending millions of overseas workers back into Southeast Asia’s rural areas

With the right policies, enough jobs can be created to employ returning workers and creating the opportunity for a new era in agricultural entrepreneurship in the region.

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Meeting development challenges with trusted data

World Statistics Day reminds us that to ensure social and economic growth, support for data-backed policymaking is needed.

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How to insure essential yet informal workers during the pandemic

Innovative strategies are needed to provide social protections and insurance cover to daily wage earners, contract workers and others in the informal economy.

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30 Jun 2021 | Online: Postponed to second quarter of 2021

Online 有盈彩票 Sanitation Dialogue 2021

The 有盈彩票 Sanitation Dialogue 2021, an online conference set for the second quarter of 2021, engages developing member countries and other development partners toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 on sanitation for all.

08 Feb 2021 | Online

Conference on Strengthening Environmental, Social, and Governance Investment Under the COVID-19 Crisis

This conference will feature research papers that examine the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on ESG investment, its potential to support sustainable economic recovery, and ways to drive ESG investment growth and address related risks.

08 Dec 2020 | Online

Virtual Conference on Digitalization and Sustainable Economic Development

This 有盈彩票I-Singapore Management University virtual conference will feature new research on the role of digitalization in enhancing sustainable, inclusive, and balanced growth in Asia.

04 Dec 2020 | Online, 12:00 noon, Philippines time (UTC +8)

Technology Innovation Challenge for Urban Development

有盈彩票 invites technology providers to submit proposals for grants to conduct pilot projects of high-level technologies addressing two urban challenges on wastewater treatment and inclusive cities.


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