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ӯƱ operations in Mongolia address infrastructure gaps, promote renewable energy, foster regional economic integration, expand access to basic urban services, and provide support to agribusiness.

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  • 2019 CAREC Transport Sector Annual Report
    2019 CAREC Transport Sector Annual Report

    This publication summarizes transport sector developments in member countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) Program as of 2019.

Economic Forecast

GDP forecasts are based on ӯƱ's flagship publication, the Asian Development Outlook. Updated four times a year, it analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Poverty in Mongolia

Development indicators for Mongolia, including a selection of economic, environmental, and social indicators used globally to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Results of ӯƱ-Supported Operations, 2010-2018

Results achieved are aggregate amounts of outputs and outcomes from operations reported in project completion reports and extended annual review reports circulated for the year.

Projects Cofinanced

Cofinancing operations enable ӯƱs financing partners, governments or their agencies, multilateral financing institutions, and commercial organizations to participate in financing ӯƱ projects. Additional funds are provided in the form of official loans and grants, technical assistance, other concessional financing, and commercial cofinancing such as B loans, risk transfer arrangements, parallel loans and equity, guarantee cofinancing, and cofinancing for transactions under ӯƱs Trade Finance Program.

Project Performance, 2000-2018

ӯƱ Projects in Mongolia

Project Results


29 Sep 2020 | ӯƱ from Country Offices

ӯƱ, Tavan Bogd Group Companies Sign Loan to Support Wheat Supply Chain in Mongolia During Pandemic

The Asian Development Bank (ӯƱ), Ulaanbaatar Flour Limited Liability Company (UBF), and Tavan Bogd Foods Limited Liability Company (TBF) today signed a $15 million loan (in togrog equivalent) to support the wheat supply chain in Mongolia...

15 Sep 2020 | ӯƱ from Country Offices

ӯƱ, Mongolia Sign Projects to Improve COVID-19 Response, Inclusive Education

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA (15 September 2020) The Asian Development Bank (ӯƱ) and the Government of Mongolia today signed two projects, one that will strengthen the countrys response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and another that will

15 Sep 2020 | ӯƱ from Country Offices

Deeper 2020 Contraction Expected in Mongolia Before 2021 Rebound ӯƱ

Mongolias economic contraction continues to deepen due to the ongoing impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, but it will recover in 2021 as regional economies rebound, says a new report by ӯƱ.

14 Sep 2020 | ӯƱ from Country Offices

Vegetable Production Offers Diet and Poverty Reduction Benefits for Mongolia, Says New Book

Increased vegetable production in Mongolia would have a positive benefit on poverty reduction, as well as provide a more balanced diet for its citizens, according to a new book launched today by ӯƱ and the Government of Mongolia.


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