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  • The BodyBelief program isn't just another weight loss program. This program gets to the core issues by using a variety of today's cutting edge methods to help you get to what is underneath the eating and weight. This program includes exercises on self acceptance, mirror work, affirmations, journaling, tapping,self love, forgiveness,clearing the past and much more. Give it a try; you'll be really glad you did.

    Ruthi Cohen Joyner Nutritionist, EFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist (founder of Transformations:Moving Beyond the Weight Loss Struggle)
  • I am loving this program! I have battled with my weight for the majority of my adult life. I have gained and lost the same 30-40 lbs more times than I can count. I was introduced to this program after having lost about 30 lbs and am very excited to use the information provided to assist me in finally keeping the weight off for good and learning to love myself through the process. The product was beautifully packaged and contains all of the components to help me on my journey to my ideal body, fitness level and health. I truly believe that this system provides the 'missing piece' from all of my previous weight loss attempts. I highly recommend this program. Thank you for putting all of the necessary information and tools to achieve success into one product.

    Jennifer Ricciardi
  • The BodyBelief Weight Loss Program works like no other weight loss system because it addresses what's at the core of being overweight and out of shape. I couldn't figure out what had been holding me back and sabotaging my past efforts ... I thought I knew everything I was supposed to do to be successful! I knew how to eat right. I knew how to exercise. (I didn't like having to either, by the way.) But knowing how to do something and being effective at it turned out to be two completely different things. The BodyBelief products and program are terrific. I highly recommend throwing yourself into the program 100% to get the body you want. BodyBelief really works.

    Deb Anderson
  • I really like the holistic approach taken by the BodyBelief system. Attitudes and pre-existing thoughts that sabotage weight loss are addressed and taken care of at the very beginning of this program. This clears the way for setting healthy weight goals and achieving them without your subconscious counteracting your conscious efforts. I purchased the BodyBelief program a couple of weeks ago. I have gone through the Audio CDs and worked through the attitude changing exercises in the workbook. I have to say that I am very impressed with how easy Mat makes it to understand and doing the Empowering exercises in the workbook definitely set you up for success. I now see what has been holding me back when trying to get into shape with restricting diets and forcing the physical exercise. I didn't have my subconscious on board with my efforts before.

    Brenda Rees


A Complete 90 Day Weight Loss, Body Image and Life Transformation System Includes Tea, Journal, Workbook, Audio Course & Bonus Cravings CD to propel your success.


Step by step workbook and journal allow you to uncover and resolve subconscious obstacles to your success leading to an overall improved sense of well being and a slimmer you.


We are a husband & wife team who specialize in results oriented coaching, speaking & education. We live with our amazing son & our bearded lady (schnauzer) and we know over 300 cheesy movie lines.

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